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Coventry is widely recognised as an exceptional university. We dare to be different, we set ambitious targets for growth and development… and we achieve them. Over the next 6 years we intend to double our student population here and overseas to around 80,000. This year, within a revitalised 4 faculty structure we have introduced 13 new Schools through which we will drive growth. These empowered Schools will be the foundation for future faculties. Within these Schools we have introduced a range of new roles, many of them designed as career development opportunities for accomplished academics who wish to develop and broaden. We are committed to developing our staff and believe we offer focused career development few can match.


New Opportunities

Salary: £47,808 - £59,649 pa

Faculty of Business and Law

School of Economics, Finance and Accounting – Ref: REQ004143

Salary: £47,808 - £59,649 per annum

Faculty of Business and Law

School of Marketing and Management – Ref: REQ004144


Our Corporate Pillars


These are key to our future. We believe achieving excellence in these vital areas will provide the foundation pillars for long term, sustainable competitiveness, quality and growth.

These 6 themes are central to everything we do; they are central to the way we operate the University. It is not by chance we are rated Number 1 for Student Experience in the UK. This reflects commitment, resource-prioritisation, talent and dedication.

Each of these 6 themes or portfolios is represented at all levels throughout the University, Faculties and Schools. At the most senior level, Deputy Vice Chancellors set strategic direction while 23 specialist Associate Deans lead the agenda within each faculty. Finally, around 70 post holders at Associate Head of School level work closely with the School leadership to translate the agenda into priorities and deliverables.