Enterprise and Commercial


The University is committed to further growth and success in enterprise & commercial activities, building on our existing outstanding achievements. Our close working relationship with industry partners has already provided many commercial organisations with valuable assistance in achieving their technical and commercial goals.

As we progress in this area, we will identify and exploit new enterprise & commercial opportunities and ensure that our academic engagement provides an effective service. Key account management, based on efficient project management processes, will be the foundation on which we will provide our services to partners and major corporate clients.

To achieve our objectives we will build strong relationships with relevant regional, national and international bodies, including the British Council and UK Departments of Trade and Industry and Business Innovation and Skills, to secure funding and international development opportunities. Working closely with the university’s commercial subsidiaries we will achieve ambitious income generation targets through knowledge transfer, consultancy and from building new partnerships with both private and public sectors. Additional key objectives are to grow IP exploitation and develop new, innovative spin-out activities.

New opportunities

Unfortunately we do not have any posts available at the moment, however we are keen to hear from talented academics and leaders who would be interested in joining our team. Please contact us.