School of Economics, Finance and Accounting


The School aims to be one of the leading higher education sources in the provision of academic and vocational courses in the areas of Economics, Finance and Accounting not only in the UK but also globally.

Our curriculum offers exciting and career-focused courses for both students and employers, and we continue to build and grow our international collaborations and offer our provisions to a wider global market.

Additionally we will improve the quality and quantity of our research activity and outputs, by undertaking multidisciplinary research that has relevance to society and impacts on our teaching.

We will maintain and improve our very high NSS scores – 100% in Accounting BA and Economics BA courses. The School’s standings in the Guardian Subject League tables will continue to rise, as we are currently ranked 7th in the UK for both our Economic provision and our Accounting & Finance provision.

In order to achieve this vision, we aim to provide students with a career relevant programme of study that develops their skills, knowledge and understanding to create highly employable global citizens.

Our courses include:


  • Accountancy BA (Hons)
  • Accounting and Finance BA (Hons)
  • Business and Finance BA (Hons)
  • Business Economics BA (Hons)
  • Economics BA (Hons)
  • Finance BSc (Hons)
  • Finance and Investment BA (Hons)
  • Financial Economics BA (Hons)
  • International Economics and Trade BA (Hons)

  • Accounting and Financial Management MSc
  • Banking and Finance MSc
  • Finance MSc
  • International Business Economics MSc
  • Investment Management MSc

New opportunities

Salary: £47,808 - £59,649 pa

Faculty of Business and Law

School of Economics, Finance and Accounting – Ref: REQ004143